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Successful, Safe Breast Augmentation through Natural or Artificial Means

By Claire Edythe

Natural Breast Enhancement

The past decade has seen a significant rise and notice in the validity of herbal treatment for ailments and cosmetic improvements notwithstanding the area of natural breast enhancement. Most of the current breast enhancement products promise anywhere to ‘definite improvement in firmness’ to ‘within 1-3 months time’ a gain of at least one cup. All use some type of phyto-estrogenic derivative in varying ratios and other fillers. Although, the range of raw materials used (commonly red clover, fenugreek, fennel, and others) have shown historically, tribally, and scientifically to stimulate breast growth, it may not be valid for most of their costumers.

What is not as widely heralded is the growing disappointment of the costumers of these commercial breast enlargement products. reports on 7-12-04 of the company Herbal Breast being sued by the state of Washington., "The consumer protection suit filed in King County Superior Court accuses Nature’s Advantage LLC, and its Marysville, WA, owner, Vaughn Wolfe, of making numerous unsubstantiated claims for the breast-enhancement products on two websites …" Another, headline reads "Small Breast Solutions' Agrees To Halt Sales" as this company sold a breast enhancement mix which largely failed to live up to its promises also. The list is beginning to grow. Still, however the science of breast enhancement is very real.

Breast growth is stimulated by a sacred balance of hormones such as the precursor hormone progesterone and its derivatives estrogen and testosterone. Other factors included Human Growth and I-GHF hormones which assist with timing of the release of these hormones. Prolactin and progesterone work to promote glandular growth. Prolactin and estrogen work synergistically to allow fat storage, mainly in the breasts. Estrogen alone promotes fat storage. In women, the level of this hormone is generally higher as compared to men. It provides to reason how women are generally more curvaceous. The latter are all observations scientifically proven. It’s also been proven that some herbs and food sources simulate the estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone hormones in the human body. The plant source of estrogen is referred to as phyto-estrogen, of testosterone as phyto-androgen, and of progesterone as phyto-progesterone. Some foods rich in phyto-estrogens include thyme, turmeric, fenugreek, licorice, and many, many others. Upon some thought, Italians have diets rich in fennel, licorice, and turmeric and certainly have their share of busty females, but we digress.

In the United States, the range of diets include many variations of estrogenic foods, however, all here are definitely not busty. The great news is that it is possible to determine the correct hormonal sources to stimulate your own breast growth.

***The Best Natural Breast Enlargement Solution ****

The key to natural breast enlargement success is correctly simulating the woman’s system with the correct natural breast enhancing herbs. Where the current commercial natural breast enhancement products generally fail is that their formulation does not account of the individual genetic make-up of each woman. Each and every human being is unique. Therefore you can not give the same item, same formulation to any one and expect the same results. Hence why all pharmaceuticals list the side effects observed for the use of that product. To eliminate the chance of side effects, scientists would need to test the 5+ billion people of this earth in controlled studies- an impossible feat. This is where the e-book product offered on Real Health Method for natural breast enlargement comes of significant use.

‘Real Breasts, Real Health’ uses a special innate talent that all humans have, dubbed the p-method, to help a woman pick the herbs, vitamins, minerals, foods, diet to provide the perfect conditions for breast growth. The book also details common mistakes during this kind of regimen and tips and motivation for staying on track. Additionally, those with any concerns for breast cancer by using products will learn their how prone they are and what to use to not only avoid increasing those risks but grow breasts also

The age range of successful natural breast enhancement customers is from 18-55, menstrual and menopausal. Testimonies include reduction of PMS and HRT symptoms in the process. The regimens of the younger set are more filled with vitamins and a few herbs taking from 2-4 months to grow a full cup, while those closer to menopause or in it full-blown have a more weighty program including usually including the use of progesterone cream, BE herbs, vitamins, and minerals; they also average from 4-8 months for the first cup. Both groups’ subsequent cups were faster. After a year; the younger set- 3+ cups, older set: 2+ cups. Starting range is AAA to saggy C’s. The success rate of 1+ cup of growth for those who master the technique is 93.8% and improving. Incredibly, the costs of these regimens have ranged from $200- $1000 for permanent growth. Others have been able to circumvent having to spend $10,000 or more for re-surgeries by learning that they were allergic to silicone in quantities of more than 6 cc's and chose the healthier chose of just explants.

**** How to know if Breast Implant Surgery is a Healthiest Route for you***

By far the most proven method for bust-fully enhancing your profile, breast augmentation surgery is no where close to the safest. Besides the costs, there are serious health concerns with silicone-laced, saline-filled implants whether textured or not. If there was a way to learn if even the ‘safe’ implants would be of systemic jeopardy, would you? You can, using the p-method detailed in this guide. Inside are also the basics for helping to make a final decision in this very important process including how to find the best doctor, which implants to consider, what location is best to put them in, which incisions are best, and much more!

Did you also realize it takes from 6-12 months for most implants to ‘drop’ to a natural profile? In this same amount of time, you could grow your own real improvements without the pain or costs of surgery.

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