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Reasons to use a solicitor to oversee your divorce

A divorce signals the end of a marriage. Nobody thinks they will ever need to go through a divorce when they first get married, as the start of a relationship is usually a very happy period in a couple’s lives. However, statistics show that one in three marriages entered into in the UK end in divorce; a shockingly high statistic that doesn’t appear to be improving any time soon.

Some marriages fall apart in very bitter circumstances, with both members of the couple almost at war with each other over issues such as infidelity, finance problems or attitudes towards each other changing to such an extent that the relationship cannot realistically continue. However, this isn’t the case for everyone and sometimes a marriage can end with both parties deciding to separate amicably.

Obviously there are huge benefits to this, especially when there are children involved. If the couple is able to agree on important things like custody and childcare arrangements, dividing property, finances and other savings then the process becomes far more straightforward than if there are disputes. It could be argued then that a professional divorce solicitor does not need to be contacted to go through the final details before the paperwork is submitted to the courts.

The job of a divorce lawyer

In circumstances where a divorce isn’t completely amicable, a divorce lawyer can help discuss your situation with you and help you try and understand what your rights are and what you would be entitled to. They will then represent your argument in court to try and ensure that you are not left short, whether that is financially, in terms of possessions or the time you get to spend with your children.

However, when you and your ex-partner have managed to sort all of the details yourself, a divorce solicitor can take on a different role. Instead they can help you to understand all of the paperwork and ensure that this is completed in full to allow your divorce to move through the various legal procedures as smoothly as possible. They can also run through the legal validities of anything you have agreed with your ex-partner now, that may end up changing in the future.

Why a divorce lawyer should be used

Although you may feel that you have totally sorted everything from a financial, childcare and possessions stance, you may have underlying feelings about what you feel is fair for you to achieve from the break-up of a marriage. A professional divorce lawyer can help you understand your entitlements, which is why it’s recommended that you seek legal advice on your own before going through with the final divorce proceedings.

QualitySolicitors has years of experience in helping couples to end their marriages and to gain the outcomes that they want to achieve. For more information contact us directly; we have solicitors in Manchester, London, Birmingham and across the whole country – find your local branch using the postcode tool on our website today.


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