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By Oneil Wilson

We all have tried to get girls that seem impossible to reach. People will tell you all the time "oh you can never get her", why? Why can't you have her? Here are some simple rules and guidelines to go by to help you out. Here is a guide to get any girl you want! Make it happen, nothing is easy out there but if you do things the right way she will be all yours. Be confident with who you are and who you want to be. A woman loves nothing more then to be hanging around with a man who's confident. Know that you're smart, know that you're handsome and a great fun person for anyone to be with. Don't be conceited though.

1. One of a kind

-Women love to be pampered and we love to be adored. We love to have a man know what our favorite flower is. Ask and we will tell, it's that simple. Me personally I hate red roses. men give them to women all the time because they think "well everyone else like them so will she" WRONG! Each one of us is a different person. She might love roses but if you're trying to get me get me something that's different. Exotic is always good. Something you don't see around alot. Just a simple flower can make a huge difference in the way she looks at you. Make a night she'll never forget. Being as polite as possible but letting her know that you have thought about the date and you think she will enjoy what you have planed for the two of you. A woman likes a man who's in control. Don't get me wrong we like to have some control too but there's just something about a man that knows what he wants. It's very sexy.

2.Quiet time

- It's very hard to get to know someone when you're at a loud party. After you have been eyeing the girl you want for a little while to see if she's taken or if she's with someone etc... ask her if she's like to have a drink with you. Pick a quiet spot and get to know her and let her know you. If all goes well with that conversation ask her if she'd like to go out for coffee or a quiet walk just outside. You don't want her thinking that you're trying to rape her or anything so if she says no relax and take it slow. Make her feel safe. Whatever you do give her your undivided attention. Women crave this!

3. Brawn and Brains

-Let her knwo that you're into her. Make comments on how smart she is. Women love that. There's no better feeling then when someone just out of nowhere and compliments you. Smile at her and say "you're amazing, you're intelligent and beautiful". Don't always talk about how pretty she is, that can get dull after a while. We want to knwo that you're not only thinking about our physical attributes. We like you to think of us as equals.

4.I need a say

-Opinions, we all have them and we all voice them. Be open mined when listening to her's. Ask her how she feels about things. About life,death,love anything to see how she feels about certain topics. Get to know her mentally the rest will all come in time and you'll both be more in tuned with each other.

5.Make an impact

-Woo her, meaning the little things make a big difference. Men today don't open doors for women and women love that. Do the little things that make a difference. Also do things like when ordering desert only order one not two. This way you can share it. Feed her and let her feed you, make a little game out of it. Write a little note and have it sent to her office " looking forward to tonight". We all know that women pick at the little things because most men don't bother anymore. Make an impression and do them.

6. Mood of romance

-Create an atmosphere of comfort. Appeal to all her senses. Play slow romantic music. Get her favorite beverage (there's nothing worse then drinking something you don't like or drinking it because you have no choice). Talk with respect and listen to her, treat her like a queen. Wherever you bring her make sure it's clean and relaxing. When you get her to this point you can relax too.

7. Foreplay isn't oral sex and kissing.

-Foreplay is anything to set the mood. Example: send her flowers at work for no reason at all. Let her know you're thinking about her. When the night arrives (the date) take her by the hand a give a soft gentle kiss. Don't be too pushy with her you might scare her. Take things nice and slow, it will all happen when it's ready to happen.

8. Kids shall play

-Playtime is the best part of a date I would have to say. At home or out in public. Order one plate for the both of you, feed each other, tease one another, enjoy each other. This is the time when you let her know that you have a serious side but you also know when to hang up your tie. Don't be afraid to get a little dirty. Act as if you're all alone. Show her how playful you are, women love a man that loves playtime.

9.Forget about it

-Surprise! So you plan the whole date and it seems like she's not having much fun. Well forget about it! Let fate decide whats going to happen next. The whole point of this date is to allow the two of you to get to know each other and enjoy your time with each other. Make suggestion and ask her if there's anything that she'd like to do with you.It's better to change and redirect plans then one or both of you not having a good time.

10.For me?

-Women love unexpected gifts from a man. It makes them feel special. Give her something that's for her, not the last girl or whatever. She's different so treat her differently. Women don't like to be given the same flower or the same gift as the last girl. We want to be treated differently. Give her your gift when there's only one way she can show you her appreciation for her gift.

Recovery Tips:

*Ending relationships is hard. Be as nice and respectful as possible. *If you think you might have a S.T.D (sexually transmitted disease) you might want to take a walk to your local sexual health clinic.

*I know it's hard and it really hurts when you break up, but that's life. We all move on to another. Ask yourself this "why did we break up"? When people break up it's usually a sign that something's not there anymore. If you were cheated on or she cheated on you, then whoever did it had no respect for the other. Find someone that you will respect.

*Lust is where you're attracted physically but not mentally. Love is where you love the person mentally, emotionally and physically. After you've have sex see if it's lust or love. Love after sex is still there you can feel it. Lust is there and then it's gone.

*Winning a woman's heart:make her feel like she's the only woman on the face of the earth.

*Take life a step at a time (day by day)

*First and foremost. Pick the perfect location. A little corner table, sitting beside each other. Candle lit, a nice bottle of wine. Soft romantic love songs. (Find out what her favorite songs are) Don't forget to bring her her favorite flower. Last but not least that special gift just for her.

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