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Obesity and Penis Size... How do You Measure Up?

By Alan Cooper

Is there any relation between obesity and penis size? The question arises because, many obese men suffer from acute embarrassment about their penis size. So much so that many have even considered penis enlargement options.

The answer is yes... and no!

Let's deal with the "no" part first. Obesity does not cause a man's penis to shrink. Nor do obese men have smaller penises than any other category of men.

So why all the fuss about obesity and penis size in the first place? Well, here's where the "yes" part comes in...

You see, obesity can give the illusion that a penis is smaller than normal. It does this in several ways.

Take two men of the same height and with the same size penis. One is of average weight, while the other is obese.

Naturally, the obese man will APPEAR to have a smaller penis in relation to his body size. Many champion bodybuilders complain about the same optical illusion!

There's another way obesity gives the illusion of smaller penis size. Obese men develop a fat pad at the base of the penis. When the penis is flaccid, it can retract into this fat pad. The penis can be further hidden by pubic hair.

Very obese men may not even be able to see their penises without the aid of a mirror as their chest and stomach block their view.

You can understand why many men in this position have considered penis enlargement. But it should be clear by now that in most cases penis size is not the real issue.

Obesity is the real issue.

Immediate results can be achieved by (carefully!) trimming pubic hair. Liposuction of the fat pad can also make quite a difference to the perceived penis size.

But the best solution is an effective, sustained weight loss program.

Weight loss will address the concerns about obesity and penis size. But, more important, the man will start feeling healthier and more positive about himself.

And with such a mindset, he's a lot more likely get the chance to show off his "new look" penis to good effect!

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