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WARNING:- Do not rush into a divorce without first considering the FULL consequences.

We are all guilty of over-reacting at times and in the case of any marriage related problems we often allow our emotions to dictate the next course of events - divorce and separation issues are a classic example.

Often we need to simply stand back, collect our thoughts and obtain a true perspective on the pending divorce situation. Regretfully we very rarely do this and we set off on a emotional roller coaster dedicated to seeking revenge or compensation for a partner's or spouses wrong doing.

By simply standing back and taking time to read other peoples divorce experiences before starting the separation process allows us time to evaluate the seriousness of the situation and obtain a balanced viewpoint.

See our divorce advice articles for further help and guidance on separation and divorce.

Other people are often involved in divorce such as children an other family members. These people are the ones who have to live with the decisions you will now be making. Are you sure that you really want to subject your loved ones - especially the children to the chaos and emotional turmoil that starting any form or separation or divorce proceedings will bring without proper and considered analysis of exactly what your own situation is.

By taking time out to read our varied and diverse articles on divorce & separation you will be giving yourself some breathing space so that your next decision is one based on reflective thought rather than explosive emotional content.

Many of our divorce and separation related articles are light hearted. Others are very serious. Some of the authors are UK based others are from America but they all have an experience or an opinion to offer.

Many of our selected divorce articles covers:-

Are your ready for a relationship - not everyone is even years after a divorce. Are you relationship ready - some people dive straight into another marriage with regrets. Avoid divorce lawyers - legal teams can often entrench couples and create hardship.

Bankruptcy myths - lies and falsehoods exposed. Before you leave - a check list of things to do. Being a friend during divorce - this is often a life saver. Building trust - this can take years to re-establish after a divorce.

Cheating partners - the most common cause for divorce. Children's discipline - this can really suffer during divorce proceedings. Choosing your divorce method - not as easy as it seems. Christmas survival tips - don't depressed at this time of year. Chronic depression - how to avoid it during divorce. Consumer debt - another common reason for divorce explored. Coping with the family law process - life seems so complicated during divorce. Coping with infertility - perhaps one of the hardest reasons for a relationship breakdown. Credit and divorce - obtaining credit after divorce is not always easy.

Deciding on divorce - one of the hardest decisions you can ever make. Defending your relationship - simply getting by is not enough. Discovering infidelity - can things ever be the same again. Divorce advice - how to obtain it. Divorce and bankruptcy - often go hand in hand. Divorce and the stock market - can you keep track. Divorce articles - how to get the best from them. Divorce decision - right or wrong you have to live with it. Divorce online - do they save time and are they any good. Divorce parenting mistakes - know the things you should not be doing. Divorce protection for women - is there such a thing. Divorce secrets - expose the truth about divorce.

Eating disorders - can often result in divorce. Emotional roller coaster - life really is a state of highs and lows during divorce. End of your marriage - but not the end of your life. Essence of infidelity - some things you can smell.

Family cycle - stages of life are common aspects to a divorce. Family law - is it a good or a bad thing. Fighting the good fight - is right on your side.

Get a prenuptial agreement - can this safeguard your assets. Getting a Jewish divorce in the UK - easier than you think. Have an affair - why not, everyone else is.

Hidden divorce costs - be prepared for a shock at the end of your divorce. Hire a divorce lawyer - why not they are as cheap as chips. Holy matrimony - is this more secure in the long term. How to grieve a tragedy - divorce is a tragedy. How to recover from divorce - vital information for the depressed. How to select a divorce lawyer - steps to avoid. How to survive a divorce - is there such a thing.

Impact of divorce on families - lost affections & divided loyalties. Important papers - secure your documents before separation. Is she cheating - can you tell. Keep hope alive - this is often the only anchor you have.

Lawful divorce - can it ever be unlawful. Life after divorce - ways to cope and how to get on. Lost that loving feeling - it happens to most people at some time. Love discrimination - an explanation for divorce.

Managing your step family - is not as easy as it could be. Marriage counseling - a great idea or just delaying tactics. Marriage fairy tale - see there is always one. Marriage problems - is this justification for a divorce. Meaningful holidays - a recipe for a healthy relationship. Miscommunication - men are from mars aren't they. Moving beyond grief - a useful guide to moving on.

Online dating after divorce - is this the new easy option for finding that new relationship. Online dating - can it replace the pub. Out grown your life - that's how many people feel and can it be remedied.

Parental conflict - how not to disturb your children. Pay off your debts - before or after divorce. Potty training after divorce - can be so difficult for a disturbed child. Prenuptial agreement dilemma - they are not that water tight you know.

Relationship spring cleaning - a great term for resetting the goals. Sanction of marriage - a bit deep for me.

Seduction of a married man - go getum honey their brains are in their pants. Sexless marriage - but they still remain close. Should I consult a therapist - doesn't everyone. Should I get a divorce - is it always your own decision. Signs of infidelity - can you spot them. Single parent - has your status been lowered. Spare your kids the stress of divorce - they will thank you later on. Surviving divorce - seems like a common theme.

Tax records - don't destroy them after a divorce. Things to consider in divorce - more than you would think. Too many divorces - but how will it stop. Two hearts - who said romance was dead. Valentines day ideas - how to enjoy the day as well.

What parents should do - your check list. Why men wont commit - an interesting theory.

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